Help! I Love My Pump, but I Hate the Weight I’ve Gained!

Improved glucose control helps you metabolize food more efficiently. Prior to pump use, you may have lost glucose in the urine. If so, those were calories you did not have available to maintain a normal weight. Was your A1C higher before pump therapy? If your A1C has improved, then you are using the nutrients in your food and losing less of them.

If your eating habits are the same as before you started using a pump, you could be gaining weight. If your calorie intake exceeds your needs, or if you don’t exercise enough to burn the excess calories, weight gain is the result. Whatever calories aren’t needed or used will be stored as fat. The freedom afforded by the pump to eat what you choose and give the insulin needed with those foods will add up to weight gain unless you make some adjustments to your caloric intake, your exercise program or both.

How Can You Prevent Weight Gain if You’re on the Pump?


  • Cut out between-meal snacks.
  • Check your basal rates. If too high, you could still be hungry, and you will likely eat more snacks. Snacks are not mandatory.
  • Count calories and carbohydrates.
  • Eat only when you are hungry.
  • Measure portion sizes. Do you really want that “supersized” serving?
  • Start and stick to an exercise routine.
  • Lower the basal rate when exercising.
  • Treat hypoglycemia with glucose, not high-calorie or empty-calorie foods.
  • Prevent hypoglycemia instead of feeding it.

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