Type 2 Diabetes: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

The Long awaited Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010 (SS 3307) has passed the Senate, after a push by the ADA membership and other advocates, urging Senators to get the job done!  The Act, which passed the Senate unanimously, now moves to the House where it is expected to pass.

The Act will make a strong investment in our children’s future. It will provide local school districts with resources to improve the quality and nutritional value of meals served to students; require the USDA to strengthen nutrition standards for foods sold in vending machines, a la carte lines, and school stores; and require the USDA to implement standards based on current nutrition science.

If current trends continue, one in three children born since the year 2000 will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. In order to curb this epidemic, we need to promote healthy lifestyles at school, where our children spend a large part of their day. The passage of the Act has indeed put us that much closer to putting a stop to this dangerous epidemic.

The Full Text of the Act can be found here: ag.senate.gov/site/legislation.html and ag.senate.gov/site/ComLeg/s3307.pdf

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