Healthy Arteries Needed

Diabetics have an increased mortalityassociated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD)progression.

Minnesota residents aged 50 to 70 years withPAD and/or diabetes were identified from theMayo Clinic diagnostic registry and monitoredfrom 1977 through 1999. At baseline, 149 hadPAD alone, 238 had diabetes alone and 186 hadboth conditions. Within each group the survivalrate was lower than expected.

Among the 449 who returned at four years, therisk of death was greater for those whose PADhad progressed. The adjusted risk of death forboth conditions was 2.2 times that for PAD alone.

For those who had only diabetes at baseline, 100percent who had PAD progression died by theend of 1999. The increased mortality associatedwith PAD progression was significant only forindividuals with diabetes, alone or with PAD atbaseline.

The researchers say detecting and monitoringPAD in diabetic patients is of the utmostimportance.

Diabetes Care, December 2004

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