Health Care: You and Your Diabetes

For people with diabetes, healthcare is just plain more involved. Hospitalizations require extra work because you must control your diabetes during your stay, and insurance can be problematic because insurers are often unwilling to pay for what you need.

This is especially true if you are considering alternative therapies that are not well accepted by the medical community. Here is where you will find articles about all these matters.

Your search for healthcare information should start at the beginning. For an overview of the history of diabetes, see The History of Diabetes and From Raw Quinces & Gruel To Insulin.  Go to Diabetes Timeline for a timeline of diabetes discoveries.

Complementary therapies are alternatives forms of healthcare that are often effective for people with diabetes. See Review of Complementary Therapies for Diabetes for an overview of those therapies.

For information about how to properly care for yourself during a hospital stay, see Are You and Your Diabetes Ready for a Hospital Stay?, How to Overcome Obstacles While in the Hospital, and Surviving Your Hospital Stay: How To Be Your Own Advocate. See When Insurance is Out of Reach to learn about what happens when insurance is out of reach. The ABCs of HMOs gives you the ABCs of HMOs. For language to use when you’re trying to bolster your claim, go to Breaking the HMO Woes and Support For Your Claims. How To Get The Care You Need is all about getting what you need out of your HMO, and Advocate For Yourself has a sample letter to use when seeking coverage from your HMO.

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