Healing Is in the Air

When conventional healing methods don’t provide the results the physicians intended, a more advanced treatment method usually comes into play—the use of adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBO2, is therapy administered through a pressurized chamber, which provides 100 percent pure oxygen to the patient. It is used as the primary treatment for specific disorders, but it is often combined in treatment plans with antibiotics and surgery. “What’s amazing about the technological advancement of these chambers is how the oxygen’s contact with the wound isn’t the reason that HBO2 works,” says Patricia Pasceri, R.N.C., E.T., Regional Operations Director for Sechrist Clinical Services, a disease management company operating Comprehensive Wound Healing Centers across the U.S. “It’s the oxygen-enriched bloodstream which benefits the patient.”

For more information about wound care for your non-healing wounds, visit your physician or call 800-732-4747, ext. 256 for the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center closest to you.

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