Guardian RT Called Effective in Recognizing Late-Night Lows After a Workout

Medtronic MiniMed’s Guardian RT is being called a “useful and important diagnostic tool for a phenomenon known as nighttime ‘late-onset hypoglycemia’.”

Late-onset hypoglycemia (LOH), according to researchers at the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in Toronto, occurs commonly between 1 to 36 hours after exercise and often goes unnoticed during sleep.

The researchers determined the efficacy of using the Guardian RT to “detect blood glucose excursions associated with exercise and LOH after exercise in individuals with type 1.” A total of five participants were monitored before, during, and after a 60-minute vigorous exercise session.

“Following the exercise, three of the five subjects had LOH, while the other two experienced decreases in blood glucose concentrations…” write the researchers. “The Guardian RT monitor was effective in notifying all of the subjects of such glycemic excursions over the 48-hour surveillance period.”

-Diabetes Technologies and Therapeutics, December 2006

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