Great News for Insulin Pumpers

A study that followed 18,168 people with type 1 diabetes has good news for insulin pumpers. After observing this group for 6.8 years, it was found that people on insulin pumps; cut their cardiovascular risk factor by 50%, compared to the type’1’s that use multiple injections. Additionally, this group tends to smoke less, are more educated, exercise more and have lower blood pressure.

The Sweedish National Diabetes Register has 95% of people living with type 1 diabetes enrolled in Sweeden. The registry was formed in 1996 to provide healthcare professionals with patient feedback.

Healthcare professional working with patients must report their clinical findings annually. The Sweedish registry has been proven to be a valuable tool in anticipating upcoming trends based on the information that is included annually.

For all you pumpers out here, is this really news to you?

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From Diabetes, this is Nadia Al-Samarrie.

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