Goodbye Gastroparesis

On January 3, Medtronic, Inc. announced the results of a study that suggests a new therapy significantly reduces the symptoms of gastroparesis.

In the study, Enterra Therapy, an impantable device, has been shown to reduce the symptoms of gastroparesis. It functions by delivering mild electrical pulses to the nerves in the stomach, which stimulates digestion.

Gastroparesis, a severe stomach condition that effects up to 25 percent of all people with diabetes, occurs when the stomach muscles do not work properly. Common symptoms include vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain.

According to the United Hospital of St Paul, Minnesota, of the 100 patients worldwide who were used in the study, 93 percent of them vomited less than half as many times after using the device.

While the results show a variety of responses, overall most patients felt a lot better after using Enterra Therapy. The medication, produced by Medtronic, Inc., of Minneapolis, has been available since March 2000. For more information, contact Medtronic at (800) 664-5111, ext. 4000.

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