Good Carbs, Bad Carbs’

“Good Carbs, Bad Carbs” by JohannaBurani, MS, RD, CDE, is a thorough look atnutrition, food and the role of the glycemicindex.

Based on cutting-edge research and its practical application in consumer settings, Burani helpsthe reader cut through the confusion about popular diets and carbohydrates. She explains how to make use of the glycemic index to develop a balancedeating plan for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to advising the reader on how to eat well for fitness and energy, Burani discusses the rolehigh glycemic eating plays in improving heart disease, diabetes and weight management for adults and children. Real-life case studies demonstrate how Burani’s clients have made the recommended food changes andimproved their health. The recipes and food guide make it easy to follow the suggested adjustments.

Making the most of her expertise from 20years in the field of nutrition combined withher earlier work as a teacher, Burani providesreaders with the basics of nutrition andhow to apply them in a way that is clear andunderstandable. The chapters are easy toread and are recapped at their conclusions.

“Good Carbs Bad Carbs” makes readers feelas if they were patients in Burani’s office.What better way to learn about an approachto health and dieting that will change howreaders eat and how they feel?

“Good Carbs, Bad Carbs” is available and bookstores everywhere.

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