Going SoLo Is a Healthy Way to Snack

SoLo Gi® Low Glycemic bars are delicious. We can vouch for that because we'veeaten our way through all five flavors. And because they're clinically validatedto have a very low glycemic index, they don't raise your blood sugar like othersnack bars.

Our editor-in-chief, Scott King, ate a great-tasting Berry Blissbar and was delighted to find that it didn't raise his blood sugar dramatically.

SoLo bars, which contain 23 vitamins and minerals, are made without trans fats,artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, or high fructose corn syrup. They're afine source of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and good low GI carbohydrate, butthey taste as good as any sugar-laden candy bar on the market. And becausethey're digested so slowly, they provide sustained energy without that spike andcrash in blood glucose that leads to craving another sugar hit.

SoLo bars come in two sizes, a 100-calorie snack bar and a 200-calorie nutritionbar (both kosher, no less). They're made by a remarkably good-hearted companythat has donated hundreds of thousands of the nutrient-rich bars to disastervictims and people in need.

SoLo Gi bars are available at Whole Foods Market or on the company's veryinformative web site (www.solo-gi.com), where you can buy them through amazon.com.By mail, they run about $17 for a box of twelve large ones.

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