GlucoBalance Data Management System Offers Help for Downloading

Do you currently use a Hypoguardglucose meter such as the HypoguardAdvance or QuickTek?

Are you looking for a way to download yourglucose readings from the meter to yourdiabetes-management software program?

Hypoguard’s GlucoBlance Data ManagementSystem could have the solution for you.

Many Charts and Tables for BG Readings

The GlucoBalance data managementsoftware allows you to track your bloodglucose readings and view those readings inseveral different charts and tables, includingLogBook, Histogram, Modal Day Report,Pie Chart, Statistical Report, Test FrequencyReport and a Trend Report.

Each view can be set to showthe results for a specifiednumber of weeks, allowingyou to look at one week—or more—in each view.

You may print each viewto your printer to showyour doctor or for yourown use. A nifty feature isthe Two-Week Summaryreport, which allows youto print an aggregate view ofthe Trend Chart, Modal Day, Pie Chart andHistogram for a selected two-week period.

Lets You ‘Archive’ Older Meter Readings

GlucoBalance allows you to save your olderglucose meter readings without includingthem in your analysis. This capability,called the archive, can be used manually orautomatically.

When you archive readings manually, youmust specify the date range of readingsto archive. To do it automatically, you set apreference for when readings get archived.

For example, you may want to archivereadings that are more than six monthsold so that data will remain active for sixmonths and anything beyond six monthswill automatically get archived. You can alsorestore archived data so it can be used foranalysis.

‘Guide Me’ Feature Is a Nice Touch

GlucoBalance has a handy feature calledGuide Me, which is used when downloadingglucose readings from the meter.

Guide Me will take you through the processof downloading step by step. Once youare comfortable with this process, youcan bypass Guide Me and go directly to downloading the meter. Gluco Balance remembers the last meter downloaded, so if you are downloading different models of Hypoguard meters, make sure youchange the setting for thetype of meter.

Professional VersionAvailable

For healthcare professionals,there is a professional versionof GlucoBalance with additionalfeatures for tracking data formultiple patients.

For more information, call HypoguardCustomer Service at (800) 818-8877 or visit HypoGuard.

GlucoBalance runs on Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 with20 MB hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, 64 MB of RAMand a serial port. A data cable for downloading theglucose meter is required and can be obtained fromHypoguard for $39.95. GlucoBalance is free with thepurchase of the data cable.

Q: I have different modelsof Hypoguard glucosemeters; will a singledownload cable work for allof them?

A: No, a separate cable isrequired for each model ofglucose meter.

Q: Can I download glucosemeters made by a companyother than Hypoguard?

A: GlucoBalance supportsonly Hypoguard glucosemeters.

Q: Does GlucoBalance havea help system or any type ofuser manual?

A: Yes. GlucoBalancehas an online help systemaccessed by clicking on the“help” link at the top of thescreen. A comprehensiveuser manual is included onthe GlucoBalance CD.

Q: Can I customize Gluco Balance in any way?

A: Yes, the program hasa user profile that allowsyou to configure high, low,and target blood glucosereadings and many othersettings.

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