Gluc-O-Bar Fights Lows

Another food designed for people with diabetes has entered the market. Gluc-O-Bar, from Apic USA, Inc., is especially notable because the bars are designed to stabilize blood sugars and keep patients from eating high fat foods like ice cream and peanut butter to avoid hypoglycemia.

Gluc-O-Bar contains several ingredients, each with a different glycemic index. This design enables the bar to stagger glucose release into the blood over a period of six hours to nine hours.

In the first phase of glucose release, Gluc-O-Bar’s simple carbohydrate components produce a quick BG peak that usually lasts for 30 to 60 minutes. Meanwhile, Gluc-O-Bar’s protein components are converted into glucose in the liver. This accounts for its second phase of glucose release, raising BGs two to three hours after eating. Finally, Gluc-O-Bar makes use of uncooked cornstarch. According to Apic, the unusual make up of this starch allows for a slow release of glucose for up to nine hours.

For more information on Gluc-O-Bar call (888) GOOD4ME (466-3463).

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