Glooko’s Logbook Is an Easy-to-Use iPhone App

Using a log book can be cumbersome, but it has many benefits. Tracking your blood sugars allows you to spot trends and provides a landscape view of how your body reacts to changing circumstances. It’s crucial to understand your body’s responses to food, illness, stress, and simply over-indulging in festive activities.  Keeping track of these variables helps you better manage your diabetes. 

The Glooko MeterSync cables enables you to download your meter readings to the Glooko Logbook, an iPhone app that downloads your meter readings to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, making it much easier to discern your unique blood sugar trends. Its developers are not new to diabetes–their family members manage their blood sugars on a daily basis.  One of the founders, Sundeep Madra, has a wife with type 1 diabetes who prefers to manage her disease without relying on her husband. When it came time for her doctor’s appointment, however, she had to ask him for help in downloading her blood sugars. Sundeep felt that his wife should have her privacy and an easier way to handle the task. 

Cofounder and Chairman Yogen Dalal, who has been diagnosed with prediabetes and has a family history of type 2 diabetes, also felt that downloading blood sugars should not be so difficult.  Together, he and Sundeep created the Glooko Logbook, an easy-to-use app that tracks your blood sugars, lets you input  carbs, and keep a history of your exercise, food, medication, and how well you felt each day.  The App also let’s you share a logbook with your physician or healthcare professional, so he /she can help you make the appropriate changes to your regimen.
Although the Glooko Logbook app itself is free, you need to buy the Glooko MeterSync cable to connect your meter to your iPhone.  The cable is sold on Amazon for $39.99 and the app can be downloaded from iTunes, links to both are available at

Several blood glucose meters sync with the Glooko Logbook, including the Bayer Breeze2, Bayer Contour, Abbott FreeStyle Freedom Lite, Abbott FreeStyle Lite, and the LifeScan OneTouch Ultra 2, OneTouch UltraLink, and OneTouch UltraMini.  The app is not yet available for Roche, ReliOn, Arkray, or Prodigy blood glucose meters. Anita Mathew, cofounder and vice-president of marketing, says that the company goal is to be “meter-agnostic,” meaning she hopes that eventually all blood glucose meters  will be able to be downloaded to the Glooko Logbook.

Plans for an Android app, as well as adding features such as the graphs, and charts are on the horizon. In the meantime, the millions of people with diabetes and an iPhone have the benefit of testing a few features (ie the food database, and adding notes) of  the free app  before they decide if they want to purchase the cable.




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