Get Organized With an aDorn Bag

If you're tired of stuffing your diabetes supplies willy-nilly intoany old handbag, aDorn Designs may be just what you need to getorganized. And if you want a man-bag, they've got that too.

Founded by Jennifer Dorn of San Francisco, aDorn Designs makessturdy twill handbags and travel bags that have numerous cleverinnovations to make leaving home with all your stuff a walk in thepark. Their handbag rivals standard designer bags in terms ofnon-frumpy style, while keeping your diabetes supplies cool, safe,and organized.

Just recently, Jennifer has come out with a tough but handsomeunisex bag for traveling, called the Messenger Bag, that'll holdyour laptop safely and tidy up your diabetes supplies as well.

It's got the special aDorn "inset" diabetes supplies pocket,which has compartments for all your stuff (even an ice pack) andzips right into the side of the main bag. That leaves you withplenty of extra room for all of the standard junk that you andeveryone else has to lug around. For more information or to order abag of your own, visit

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