Gestational Diabetes Often Leads to Type 2 Diabetes

Gestational diabetes affects about 5% of all women in late pregnancy. About a third of those women will go on to develop type 2 diabetes within five years, says a recent study in the Post-Graduate Medical Journal, and it’ll most likely be the women who had the highest A1c’s during their gestational diabetes.

The study examined 36 South Asian and 37 Caucasian women who’d been diagnosed with gestational diabetes between 1995 and 2001. Five years after their gestational diabetes, almost half the South Asian women and a quarter of the Caucasian women had developed type 2 diabetes, and only a third of the South Asians and half of the Caucasians had normal glucose tolerance.

However, the risk of future type 2 was only ten percent in women who’d managed to keep their A1c’s below 6.15 percent during their gestational diabetes.

Sources: Post-Graduate Medical Journal
Medical News Today

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