Fun, Fashionable Bag Organizes Your Diabetes Supplies

Do your diabetes supplies take up so much room in your purse or handbag that you have little room for non-diabetes paraphernalia?

If so, the mom of a child with diabetes feels your pain. And did something about it.

The Diabetes 1 Bag is designed to conveniently carry diabetes supplies while providing ample space for the normal contents of a purse.

The 14.5 x 11.5 x 5-inch bag has two sides. One side has two zippered clear plastic compartments to hold test strips, syringes, lancets, and so on. The other side has two pockets-one can hold a meter and an ice pack and the other holds up to five vials of insulin.

The Diabetes 1 bag costs $84.95. A portion of all proceeds will go to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

For ordering information, log on to or call (214) 853-5168.

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