Fructose/Protein Can Be Stimulating

Researchers Mary C. Gannon, PhD, et al. investigated the possibility of ingesting fructose with protein to stimulate insulin secretion in people with untreated type 2 diabetes.

According to their report in January’s Diabetes Care, eating 25 g of fructose with 25 g of protein, produces an insulin response that is similar to ingesting 50 g of glucose. The source of the protein was cottage cheese.

The reports notes that the insulin response to this protein/fructose load was similar to an equivalent load of glucose and was similar to the sum of the responses to the fructose and protein loads. However, the glucagon and glucose responses for the protein/fructose load were less than the sum of the response to the individual components.

The researchers conclude that this information “indicates the complexity of nutrient interactions,” and may be useful in implementing meal planning strategies for people with type 2 diabetes and health care professionals.

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