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From the Sugar Happy Kitchen: Keto Low Carb Vegan Option Greek Salad with Lemon & Garlic Dressing

By Nadia Al-Samarrie

The Greek salad is a popular refreshing salad. The name itself translates to “country village salad.” It is a popular dish in Greece and their close neighboring country, Cyprus.

The quality of feta and tomatoes makes a big difference. The best flavor for the salad comes from the freshest ingredients. Don’t skimp on the olives using what you have unless it is Kalamata olives. The flavors of the ingredients below complement one another. Some people alternate between lemon and vinegar—my preference is lemons. Combing the citrus with feta olives, red onions, cherry tomatoes, and spinach is like a tonic. Refreshing and healthy.

If you are vegan, this will be a nice edition to your menu. Just leave the feta cheese out.

Salad Ingredients

9 Cups of fresh baby spinach leaves

½ Cup of red onions 

1 Cup of Kalamata olives

1 Cup of cherry tomatoes

½ Cup of feta cheese


Wash and clean spinach. Dry in a salad spinner or towel and let cool in the refrigerator if you buy a whole spinach rather than the packaged ready brand , make sure to cut the stems off of the leaf.

Cut ½ cup of a red onion vertically and separate the pieces that make the whole.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

Drain liquid from store-bought kalamata olives.

Break up the feta cheese with your hands into smaller pieces.

Take the cleaned refrigerated spinach leaves and place the cut ingredients into a bowl.


Lemon Dressing Ingredients

4 Medium lemons freshly squeezed

½ Cup of extra-virgin olive oil

3 Medium garlic cloves



Squeeze four lemons to make lemon juice in a bowl

Add olive oil 

Use a garlic press for the garlic or chop finely

Whisk all the ingredients.


Serving Size 6

6.5 net carbs per serving 

236 Calorie, Total Fat 22.2g, Sodium 373mg, Total Carbohydrates 9.4g, Fiber 2.9g, Total Sugar 6.2g, Protein 4.3g


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