From Fat To Fit: Turn Yourself Into a Weapon of Mass Reduction

This book chronicles one woman's lifestyle change and how herjourney ignited a popular movement called the "Meltdown" thatbrought an entire county together in a community-wide weight lossexperience.

Author Carole Carson's diary about losing 62 pounds, published in alocal paper, brought her struggle to lose weight from an isolatedeffort out into the community, and it served as a catalyst for thepublic movement that subsequently developed.

Over the course of the eight-week Meltdown, a thousand people lost atotal of 8,000 pounds in a community empowerment experiment. Themovement swept away the shame and denial that often surrounds thestruggle against obesity, and people lost weight together whilemaking friends and having a good time.

The goal of the book is to spread such movements to othercommunities by showing how to use social interaction, mutualsupport, and plain fun to change unhealthy lifestyles.

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