French Researchers Test Implantable Pump

A study from France has concluded that implantable insulin pumps have proven to be reasonably safe and effective on a large scale, although time-limited, basis. The study was conducted by researchers from the EVADIAC Group in France.

As of January 1992, 7 centers in France have reported 171 pump implantations in 162 patients with type I diabetes representing 145 patients-years of experience. There has been no report of death, pump overflow, or severe infection, and only 2 patients have chosen to return to conventional insulin injections.

Rates for the need to reoperate because of the pump have been 15.3% for catheter malfunction, and 8.3% for the pump site, including 3 pump failures, and 6 pump-pocket erosions/infections. Severe hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis rates were 6.2 and 5.5% patient-years respectively. Overall diabetes control and glycemic fluctuations slightly improved when compared to preimplantation.

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