FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management Software

This month, Abbott Diabetes Care gaveme the opportunity to review their newFreeStyle CoPilot Health ManagementSoftware, which works with the PrecisionXtra and Therasense glucose meters. I wasespecially anxious to look at this softwarebecause it also works with the data from myCoZmore insulin pump and glucose metercombo.

I eagerly installed the software andgot started.

I selected theUser Profile option, whereI entered my personalinformation—name, address,e-mail address, password, insurance information, and so on.

In the Health Profile area, I enteredinformation about the type of diabetes Ihave along with my height, weight and anyother health conditions.

Data Entry Preferences allows entry ofexercise, insulin and medication information.

The Glucose Targets area allows the user todefine what they consider to be high andlow glucose levels and selected time periodslike pre-breakfast, post-breakfast, bedtimeand sleep time.

The Options area allowed me to choosespecific settings for reports and generalsettings in the software.

Designed Like a Web Browser

The software is designed like a Web browser.There are several small icons for commontasks, such as reading data from a glucosemeter, manually entering data, viewingreports, synchronizing with the CoPilot hostcomputer, editing the current user profileand accessing the “help” system.

Five prominent buttons are located in themiddle of the home screen: User List, ReadDevice, Manual Data Entry, View Reports andUser Profile.

The FreeStyle CoPilot software offers anumber of reports such as Logbook, GlucoseModal Day, Diary List, Lab and Exam,Glucose Line, Statistics, Glucose Average,Daily Combination, Glucose Histogram,Weekly Pump and Glucose Pie Chart. Eachof these reports can be customized to yourpreferences.

A special version of the software is availablefor healthcare professionals.


The FreeStyle CoPilot software is free ofcharge and can be downloaded from theAbbott Web site. However, it is sizable, anddownloading is recommended only if youhave high-speed Internet access.

If you are using a regular dial-up line for yourInternet connection, contact Abbott to getthe software on CD for $14.95.

For more information, contact AbbottCustomer Care at (888) 522-5226 or

Q. Will FreeStyle CoPilot run on a Macintosh personal computer?

A. No. Abbott does not plan to support the Macintosh computer.

Q. Is it possible to download multiple meters and merge the data?

A. Yes. FreeStyle CoPilot allows you to merge the data into a single database.

Q. Can I use one data cable for the Precision Xtra and FreeStyle glucose meters?

A. At the current time, different cables are needed for these meters.

Q. Does FreeStyle CoPilot download data from insulin pumps?

A. Yes. If you use the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump and the CoZmanager software, you can import the data from CoZmanager into FreeStyle CoPilot to create more detailed reports or graphs.

FreeStyle CoPilot works with the following meters andsoftware:

  • FreeStyle
  • FreeStyle Flash
  • FreeStyle Tracker system
  • Precision Xtra
  • Deltec CoZmanager software

The FreeStyle CoPilot software runs on severalversions of Windows including Windows 98,NT, 2000, ME, and XP. You will need 30 MB of diskspace, 64 MB of RAM, a serial or USB port, CDROM drive and a video monitor with 1024 x768 or higher screen resolution. A data cable,required for downloading from the glucose meter,can be purchased from Abbott for $14.95.

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