Fighting Diabetes at the Hottest Place on Earth

Death Valley is hardly a common place to be raising awareness of diabetes. This past fall, however, several hundred people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, and other bicyclists passionate about improving diabetes care rode 105 miles at upwards of 90 degrees to raise money for diabetes research in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) “Ride to Cure Diabetes 2006.”

In 2007, the Death Valley ride will take place October 18–21. Other rides include Carmel, California, May 17–20, 2007, and Asheville, North Carolina, September 6–9. For more information about the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, visit

Many employees of diabetes care company Novo Nordisk were among the riders at Death Valley. Novo Nordisk is regularly involved in initiatives to improve diabetes, including Diabetes Aware, a campaign involving celebrities Scott Verplank, Kevin Kline, Halle Berry and others, as well as “Unite for Diabetes,” an effort led by the International Diabetes Foundation that strives to alert governments to the serious nature of the disease.

“We at Novo Nordisk are passionate about changing diabetes and have an 83-year history of going to extreme lengths to improve diabetes care,” said Lars Rebien Sørensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk. “Whether riding through Death Valley to raise money for JDRF or investing in research to find a cure, our goal is to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.”

The ride programs last year raised $2.6 million overall.

Shira Silberman
New York, NY

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