FDA-approved Meter Does it all For You

On November 20, 2000, Abbott Laboratories of Bedford, Massachusetts announced it had received U.S. Food and Drug Administration marketing clearance for its Sof-Tact. This diabetes management system, according to Abbott, is the first automated glucose monitor to offer lancing, blood collection and glucose testing with a single press of a button.

The Sof-Tact uses a unique vacuum mechanism that holds the skin in place while an integrated apparatus lances the skin. The blood is automatically transferred to a low-volume bio-sensor strip, and a blood glucose test result is delivered in 20 seconds.

According to Abbott, Sof-Tact allows samples to be drawn from less sensitive areas of the body such as the forearm or upper arm. The device also employs new strip technology, which requires less blood. This eliminates many user-generated errors, providing for a level of consistency and accuracy unmatched by other manual methodologies.

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