Exploring New Opportunities Is Key for Type 1 Jim Mottola

When Pennsylvania native Jim Mottola was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes he was nine years old and confused about what Type 1 was. In time he learned but over the years he missed many school days because of various hospitalizations.


“Being different from the other kids didn’t make me happy,” Jim, says, “and they made comments because I had to go to the nurse or had been out of school for a week, but as my classmates and I got older the kids understood. 


“There were highs and lows along the way and having to stop and manage my sugar caused delays. At age 16 I got my first insulin pump and that really helped stabilize my blood sugar levels.” 


Now 34, Jim watches his diet and in particular he stays away from drinking sugary drinks and alcohol. He drinks plenty of water and avoids eating too many carbohydrates. 


“Bicycle riding is fun and doing cardio exercises almost daily is key,” Jim notes. “Working out on a regular basis is a good habit of mine and it’s a way of keeping my weight in check. I don’t want my weight to get out of hand. Then it’s really hard to take off.”  


Jim, who moved with his wife, son and daughter last year to Florida, studied English and communications at Penn State University because he always wanted to be a writer. He says, “My career ended up on a different path, however. I worked in a Corrections facility for 10 years and now am in training for a different job in law enforcement.”


Jim and his family had a day’s outing at SeaWorld in Orlando recently and they also went to Disney World. “We are like tourists hitting all of the major spots and it’s so much fun,” Jim explains. “Spending time and going places with my beautiful wife and great kids is my hobby. It’s what makes me happy.


“These day trips give us time to see new things and meet new people. Having time to recharge our batteries is always a good thing. It’s simply the best!”

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