Exercise: A Proven Way to Improve Diabetes

It’s not easy to do, but regular exercise is a wonderfully effective way to control your blood sugar and fend off the other metabolic effects of diabetes.

It can be hard to balance blood sugar control with exercise, but our large archive of articles will teach you just what to do.

Getting High On Exercise is a good introduction to aerobic exercise and its effects on blood sugar control. Five Things describes five things that everyone with diabetes should know about exercise.

Increasing Daily Physical Activity One Step at a Time and Diabetes Exercise Guidelines offer tips to increase your physical activity, and How To Exercise When You Hate Exercising will get you moving even if you hate exercise.

Exercising Control talks about how to balance exercise with food and medications, and Exercise Recommendations for People with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes focuses particularly on people who are taking insulin.

The archives contain a multitude of motivational articles on exercising as well, along with research about the effects of exercise on diabetes.

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