Everyday Hero for National Diabetes Awareness Month

Anna Norton is the CEO of Diabetes Sisters, and since her traumatic type 1 diabetes diagnosis at 18 years of age, she has dedicated her life to learning more about the disease and how to live her best life. At the time of her diagnosis 25 years ago, diabetes resources were sparse, and even the medical professionals assigned to treat her knew little about how to manage the disease. Without a knowledgeable support system, she relied on her own perseverance and determination to learn more about the disease and how to best manage her symptoms.

Over the years, Anna’s diabetes has evolved, and so has the way that she treats it. The constant evolution of the disease has been one of her greatest challenges, as no two days tend to be the same. New challenges – the birth of a child, a change in insurance, a particularly stressful day – change the way her body responds to her diabetes and treatment plan, so she’s required to constantly adapt and evolve with the disease.

Despite these challenges, there are many ways in which Anna’s life has been blessed because of diabetes. The disease has taught her to be disciplined, organized, and prepared, and she’s learned to be adaptable and flexible to new situations. She has also acquired a strong voice in order to better advocate for herself and her medical needs.

Today, Anna works to help other women like her through Diabetes Sisters. An inclusive community for all women living with diabetes, Diabetes Sisters offers both education and support from other women without judgment. Diabetes tends to be a lonely disease, and it is important for other women to know that help is available. The Diabetes Sisters community is proud to offer a welcoming environment for women of all ages to discuss their failures, revel in their successes, and share personal experiences. Anna’s work helps countless women to feel less alone as they travel through life with diabetes.

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