Even Superheroes Get Diabetes: Another Kid’s Comic Book

The Washington boys, Kamaal and Malcolm, were the first to bringdiabetes to the world of comic books with Dr. Diabetes, asuper-villain who is overcome by our hero Omega Boy in a pair ofstories that introduce type 1 diabetes in a kid-friendly format.

Their books, written in the "Pow! Bang! Crash!" comic book style,are exciting and cool.

Now another comic book is out that's a bit gentler but still has theall the kid-appeal of a superhero. Written by Sue Ganz-Schmitt aftera young friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it introduces aboy named Kelvin who discovers after his diagnosis with diabetesthat he has superpowers just like the comic book characters he'srevered all his life.

The book takes Kelvin from his first symptoms right through hishospital stay and pump prescription as he discovers the inner powerto cope with the changes that diabetes has brought into his life.Along the way, it explains type 1 diabetes in an engrossing storythat keeps even kids without diabetes hanging on every word.

The illustrations are big and colorful, more painterly than most comicbooks, and there's a "diabetes decoder" at the end that explainsterms in kid language. Along with the Washington boys' stories, it'sa wonderfully simple way to bring the message of empowerment toyoungsters with diabetes. If you'd like to order a copy for $15.95,go to www.evensuperheroes.com.

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