Eurotech’s Everyware

Eurotech, an 84-year-old technology company, recently introduced its EverywareTM Medical Gateway, a remote monitoring device that it hopes will bolster the already notable effectiveness that home care diabetes monitoring has had in reducing hospital admissions. Along with several partners, including IBM and Roche, Eurotech demonstrated the device at the October Continua Health Alliance Fall Summit and Plugfest held in Boston.

The wireless device allows doctors to monitor diabetes patients remotely and make near real-time adjustments in their medications. Because the Everyware is unobtrusive and doesn’t require much patient involvement, the company hopes that it will give patients with diabetes greater control over their time and routines. Eurotech also believes that the device will reinforce the effectiveness of home care programs in reducing hospital admissions. (Continua Health Alliance studies say that the incidence of hospital admissions among people with diabetes drops by 19 percent when the patients are involved in comprehensive home care programs.)

The company’s collaboration with its partners is designed to bring about open standards for what is being called “telemedicine”-the transmission of real-time medical data over sometimes great distances. The hope is that all monitoring devices will work from the same protocols, avoiding costly duplication from competing technologies and the possible threats to patient safety if healthcare workers cannot access vital monitoring data.

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Eurotech Unveils New Diabetes Care Management Solution

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