EU OKs Insulin Delivery Device for Type 2s

CeQur SA, a Swiss company that develops insulin delivery devices, has received approval to market its PaQ® insulin delivery device in Europe.

The PaQ is a wearable device that delivers three days’ worth of basal, as well as on-demand bolus, insulin for people with type 2 diabetes. The device combines a disposable insulin-infuser reservoir with a reusable insulin monitor to function.

CeQur spokesmen estimate that more than 30 million in the 27-nation European Union take multiple daily injections of insulin to manage their diabetes, including a substantial number of type 2s. Because tight control of blood glucose levels is essential to avoiding long-term complications from diabetes, adhering closely to a dosing schedule is important.

However, the company estimates that half of all patients taking insulin intentionally skip doses if they find giving themselves an injection to be embarrassing, inconvenient, painful, or disruptive. CeQur believes that continuous insulin-infusion technology, discretely attached under clothing, will do much to improve drug adherence.

Established in 2008 in Switzerland, CeQur also has a production facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Even though it has a U.S. location, the company has not said when it might ask for FDA approval to sell the PaQ in the American market.

CeQur’s website is located at

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