Enterex Gets a Facelift

Enterex Diabetic meal replacement drinks nowcome in new aluminum containers.

George E. Lanza, executive vice presidentof Victus, Inc., the parent company ofEnterex Diabetic, says the new aluminumcontainers can be chilled in ice coolers for on-the-go situations such as golfing, tennis, fishingand biking.

According to Lanza, “[Enterex Diabetic] is anexcellent, healthy meal replacement for anyonewho doesn’t have the time to enjoy a regularmeal.”

Lanza adds that Enterex Diabetic containsfiber and antioxidants and has the lowestcontent of saturated fat, according to ADAguidelines. It is also lactose and gluten-freeand contains no trans fats.

For more information about Enterex Diabetic, visit www.enterexdiabetic.com.

Source: Victus, Inc.

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