Endo Brings You Into His Office With New CD Collection

If you’ve never been able to go to New Yorkto see endocrinologist Richard Bernstein, MD,FACE, FACN, CWS, now Richard Bernstein cancome to you.

Bernstein, the author of “Dr. Bernstein’sDiabetes Solution” and “The Diabetes Diet,” hasdeveloped his “Secrets to Normal Blood Sugarsfor Type 1 Diabetes,” a collection of CD-ROMsthat were recorded in his office during actualconsultations with patients.

In addition, a bonus CD contains the doctor’scomments about the complications of diabetesand videos of him demonstrating how to give apainless injection, an intramuscular injection andhow to fill the syringe properly without bubbles.

For more information about “Secrets to NormalBlood Sugars for Type 1 Diabetes” or to place anorder, go to www.diabetes911.net.

Source: Diabetesincontrol.com

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