Embracing My Second Chance at Life

My introduction into the world of diabetes occurred long ago, when I wasdiagnosed with brittle diabetes at the age of six. I spent the majority of mychildhood in the hospital. There, my doctors, nurses, and nutritionists taughtme how to balance my food intake and insulin injections so that I could lead asomewhat normal life.

I was so impressed by their patience, sensitivity, and positive can-do attitudethat I wanted to become part of their care-giving community, and I became aregistered nurse. After graduating with honors from Mercy Central School ofNursing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I secured a position as a registered nurse atBlodgett Hospital.

Over the next 10 years, I married my high school sweetheart and started afamily. Periodically I changed jobs to meet the demands of parenthood andfamily life. Then my life took a dramatic turn as I was diagnosed with kidneyfailure due to my diabetes. The prognosis was less than promising. As myphysical condition deteriorated, I was forced to give up my career as a nurse. Fatigue and weakness became my entire world as I underwent dialysis treatments.

Once again, I was on the receiving end of medical care. Desperate anddetermined to remain connected to this wonderful profession, I started writing aromance novel based on the experiences I had encountered as a nurse. When thedays that lay ahead of me seemed impossible to face, I did not allow my tears tocompromise my strength.

Instead of giving up during the darkest time in my life, I drew on the love thatsurrounded me from my wonderful husband and family. When I wrote, I was releasedfrom my physical problems and taken back into the world of nursing, which I loveso much. Romantic stories can always release us from the problems of real life.They send us into a fantasy world where our imaginations can soar. I strove totake my readers and myself into that world. Thus was born my book, "APrescription for Love. "

This book is very special because it represents the strong love that surroundedme and motivated me throughout my lowest point. The one driving force in my lifewas to be there for my family, especially my precious children. By example, Idemonstrated to them that when adversity is overwhelming, you still have toendure. I reached deep inside myself and drew upon my core values ofperseverance and unfaltering resolve to overcome the obstacles in my life andachieve one of my dreams!

After a year on dialysis, I was told I could have a kidney transplant. Mywonderful brother stepped forward and gave me the gift of life. From that momenton, my whole world changed for the better, and I eagerly embraced this secondchance at life. When I felt well enough, I set about getting my romance storypublished so that I could be an inspirational example of what can beaccomplished when life seems overwhelmingly hopeless.

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