Eighteen Percent of Type 2 Patients are Depressed, and it Costs More

Gregory Nichols presented a study at the American Diabetes Association’s scientific sessions in June, which found that 18.5 percent of type 2s are depressed. He also says that depression in diabetes produces greater cost per patient.

For the study, conducted at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, 5059 type 2 patients were matched with non-diabetic controls to compare depression prevalence. Depression was found to be more prevalent in patients being treated for diabetes when compared to patients treated for other conditions (18.5 percent vs. 11.4 percent). Patients suffering from depression were usually younger and female. Diabetic patients suffering from depression had a higher body mass index, and were more likely to be using insulin.

Cost Depressed Type 2 Nondepressed Type 2
Inpatient $3,085 $1,896
Outpatient Pharmacy $1,783 $1,255
Antidepressants $308 $4
Other drugs $1,611 $1,078
Pharmacy $1,919 $1,082

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