Donations Being Accepted for the Ukrainian Diabetes Project

The Ukrainian Diabetes Project is asking for help with supplies for diabetic children in the Ukraine.

According to Andrea Skrypka, project director, while Sherwood Medical, Lilly, and Boehringer-Mannheim have donated syringes and test strips for the cause in the past, the Ukrainian Diabetes Project is a humanitarian aid program that receives most of its funding from individuals.

The Project is run by volunteers who travel to the Ukraine with syringes, insulin, and blood testing strips. The volunteers spend time there teaching classes, consulting children and their parents, and providing medical and psychological support.

With them the group also takes a medical team which includes doctors, dietitians, diabetes educators, and translators. Airfare for the medical team is usually paid by the Ukrainian government.

All donations to the non-profit Ukrainian Diabetes Project are tax-deductible.

For more information on donating supplies or joining the group as a diabetes educator for an upcoming trip, please call Andrea Skrypka at (707) 836-0931.

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