Doctors Fail to Diagnose Most Obese Adults

A study of 2543 obese Mayo Clinic patients has revealed that only 505 of themwere formally diagnosed as obese. If they were diagnosed, it was more likely tobe done by a resident than by a staff physician.

Patients who were officiallydiagnosed were generally either extremely obese or had other conditions such asdiabetes or sleep apnea.

Those who weren't formally diagnosed were unlikely tobe given a plan of treatment for their condition, such as a diet regimen orexercise goals. Officially diagnosed patients were 2.5 times more likely to begiven such plans.

The study authors suggest that more doctors should think about obesity as adiagnosable medical problem with associated treatments. They also advise thatif you are significantly overweight and your doctor hasn't given you an obesitytreatment plan, you should speak up and ask for one.

Sources: Medline Plus; Mayo Clinic Proceedings, August 2007

Editor's Note: No wonder the epidemic is growing. People are eating likecrazy, and doctors are not treating obesity in most cases. Astounding!

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