Do You Know a Diabetes Hero?

We are seeking stories of people who are diabetes heroes. You know them: they've struggled against adversity and overcome it with grace. They've gone above and beyond to help others, or they're simply aninspiration to everyone they meet.

Maybe they're a family member, a healthcare professional, or a patient.  Whoever they are, we know they're out there, and we intend to publish their stories in an upcoming issue.

So please write us an email via our 'Contact Us' page, with a heartfelt description of your personal diabetes hero. If possible, include an email address so that we can meet your hero too. Tell us what they're like and why they're ahero to you. Your everyday heroes will be inspirations to us all, sothanks for sharing.

By the way, we know that many of our readers are diabetes heroes themselves; if that's you, feel free to tell us why.

Please make sure that you have permission before sharing any personal information, particularly if using the Comments feature below.

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