Do You Have a Mountain of Used Sharps?

Did you know that more than one billion syringes, pen needles and lancets are disposed of each year, posing possible safety risks?

That is why Becton Dickinson started BD Sharps Disposal by Mail—to decrease the risk and protect people from harm.

According to Becton Dickinson, the BD Disposal by Mail system can be purchased at pharmacies; no prescription is necessary. BD Sharps Disposal by Mail includes a 1.4 quart BD sharps container, which can hold 70 to 100 insulin syringes or up to 300 pen needles or lancets. The system comes with a postage-paid return box. Customers can simply give that to a postal carrier or take to the post office. It will be delivered to a special facility for destruction.

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Source: Becton Dickinson

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