Divabetic Diabetes Program Adds a Tunnel of Love to Its Educational Offerings

With its focus on the feminine and its message of community, Novo Nordisk’s Divabetic program is currently making its way across the nation. At Divabetic events, women are invited to explore a “Makeover Maze” of personalized diabetes education that’s light-years from the standard sterile clinical setting.

In an atmosphere of warm and convivial conversation, they learn from diabetes experts and from each other while sprucing up their personal appearance and listening to motivational speakers about how to live well with diabetes. In response to past participants’ expressed desire for more opportunity to talk about intimate issues, Divabetic has just launched the Tunnel of Love, a new educational station in the Makeover Maze where women can talk about how diabetes affects their sexual health and how best to manage their diabetes during pregnancy. It’s an opportunity for them to communicate concerns that they might be otherwise reticent to discuss, while getting answers from experts and support from their fellow Divabetics. 

Divabetic is due to appear next in Los Angeles on June 16, 2007, so if a celebration of diabetes education appeals to you, go to www.divabetic.org or www.changingdiabetes-us.com and register for the event.
Source:  Divabetic Press Release

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