Disetronic and TheraSense to Partner on FreeStyle Meter

On September 18, the Disetronic Group announced it had reached an agreement with TheraSense of Alameda, California, to market and distribute the innovative FreeStyle blood glucose monitor.

Under the terms of the agreement, Disetronic will become the exclusive representative for marketing and distributing FreeStyle in Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Disetronic will also market and distribute FreeStyle to its customers in the United States on a non-exclusive basis.

The FreeStyle enables people with diabetes to measure their blood glucose values using 0.3 microliters of blood. People with diabetes can obtain samples from the arm, which is less sensitive to pain than finger tips.

Disetronic plans to launch the FreeStyle in the European sales territory as soon as it receives market approval, probably early next year. In the United States, Disetronic plans to begin marketing the meter right away.

“This means Disetronic will be able to offer people with diabetes not only state-of-the-art pump technology, but also the latest method of measuring blood glucose values,” says Thomas Meyer, CEO of the Disetronic Group. “We expect blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery to become increasingly integrated in the future, resulting in further significant improvements in insulin therapy for millions of people with diabetes worldwide.”

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