Dining Guide Gives Tips -for Healthful Restaurant Eating

The National Kidney Foundation has issued a dining guide that will help people with kidney problems maneuver their way through restaurant menus and make healthy eating choices.

“Dining Out with Confidence: A Guide for Renal Patients” gives tips for planning ahead when going out for a meal and making special food requests at restaurants. It offers guidelines for smart food selection during all courses of a meal.

Charts compare good and bad food choices for appetizers, salad bars, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. The guide also covers meals specific to a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and soul food-not to mention guidelines for eating out at fast food restaurants.

To order a copy of the booklet, available at no cost, call the National Kidney Foundation toll free at (800) 622-9010.

-R. McLean

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