Diet and Drugs Not 100% Effective in Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

For many people with type 2 diabetes, diet and medication alone are not successfully treating the disease, researchers announced on March 16 at the Diabetes Health Expo in Miami.

Stacey Bell, DSc, RD, chief scientist of Functional Foods Inc., spoke to attendees at the Expo about the pitfalls of current methods for controlling type 2 diabetes. Bell introduced a new dietary supplement by Functional Foods Inc. called Level Best, a beverage/tablet that combines the nutrients psyllium, fructose, barley, red yeast, rice and willow bark.

The dietary supplement is aimed at providing a mix of nutrients that will help diabetes patients maintain healthy sugar levels and hearts. Taken twice daily, it “will improve blood-sugar and blood-lipid levels,” said Bell, adding that Functional Foods is the first company to bring to the market a food product that addresses both conditions.

“Recent advances in our understanding of nutrition can help people with diabetes maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels,” she said. “Today, research is telling us that there is a role for nutrients that are not typically consumed, even by someone who eats a healthy diet. We also know that people have zero chance of getting the right mix of nutrients,” she went on to say.

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