Did You Set Up a 504 Plan With Your Child’s School? 25% of Parents Polled Don’t Know What a 504 Is

If your child has diabetes, have you worked with school staff to set up a 504 plan to accommodate your child’s special needs?

Childrenwithdiabetes.com, a Web-based organization, conducted an online poll of parents between August 10 and 17, 2003, to determine how many had set up 504 plans with the schools their children attend. Parents were asked, “Does your child have a 504 plan for diabetes care at school?”

Partial results of the poll are shown below; for more detailed results, you can visit www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/poll/poll20030810.htm.

Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits recipients of federal funds, such as schools, from discriminating against people on the basis of a disability.

A total of 437 parents of children with diabetes responded to the poll:

  • 29% have never established a 504 plan
  • 26% set up a 504 plan each year
  • 25% didn’t know what a 504 plan was
  • 9% set up a 504 plan this year for the first time

* * *

Source: childrenwithdiabetes.com

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