Diabetic Cancer Survivor Rides to Inspire

To be a cancer surviving athlete is to be admired. That has not been the case for me as a diabeticathlete. There has never been a special finish line acknowledging the courage, perseverance, and sheerdetermination it takes to live with diabetes and be out on that course riding, running, or walking. Iwant this to change.

Ride to Celebrate

That's why I invite you to ride your bike with me on Saturday, August 25, 2007, on the ColoradoTour de Cure. No matter who you are or what your abilities, as long as you can ride, you can do this.There are routes of 12 miles, 31 miles, 62 miles, and 100 miles. Pick your distance and ride as fast orslowly as you like. Be on my team, the Red Riders, or start your own team with family and friends.

Ride for Courage

If you are a person surviving diabetes, I implore you to ride this year and declare your status so thatothers have the opportunity to celebrate and be inspired by you. The Colorado Tour will be offeringjerseys to diabetic riders. This year, and from here on out, we must be visible and proud. I ask you tojoin the Red Riders in celebration of all that you have overcome to be where you are.

To join theColorado Tour de Cure, go to www.tourdecurecolorado.com. On the team page, go to Red Riders to join my team. Seeyou out there!

Mari Ruddy
Denver, Colorado

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