DiabetesHealth Type 1 & 2: Good News for Vets That Want Dexcom’s G6 CGM         

By Patrick Totty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Eligible veterans with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can now access the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) at no cost.

Vets with diabetes who meet the VA’s eligibility criteria for the Dexcom CGM system will find considerable improvement in the time they have to wait to receive diabetes supplies.

“Previously, VA prescriptions for Dexcom CGM were filled through the Durable Medical Equipment channel, which can result in additional costs and potential delays for patients in obtaining the system and its supplies. In the past, patients may have waited two to six weeks for supplies, but now VA patients who are prescribed Dexcom G6 will be able to start CGM and refill supplies in just two to three days at their local VA pharmacy,” said Kevin Sayer, chairman, president and CEO of Dexcom

Statistics show that veterans are 2.5 times more likely than members of the general U.S. population to have diabetes. Among veterans themselves, one in four have the condition.

Dexcom G6 is 100% covered for VA patients who meet the following coverage criteria:

·         Have diabetes mellitus

·         Require an intensive insulin regimen (e.g. ≥3 injections a day, or insulin pump) to achieve desired glycemic control (target range) based upon shared-decision making)

·         Require frequent blood glucose monitoring (≥4 or more times a day)

·         Have the knowledge and skill set necessary to successfully utilize CGM

·         Agree to ongoing medical appointments with multidisciplinary team at least every six months to assess the adherence and benefit derived from CGM

·         Meet at least one of the following criteria:

            1. At risk for hypoglycemia

            2. Unable to meet glycemic control despite adherence to the treatment regimen

            3. Performing job-related activities where a hypoglycemic event could put them at risk of harm

            4. Unable to perform self-monitoring of blood glucose due to disability or disease

Among the benefits of the G6, says Decom, are the following:
  • Fingerstick elimination – No fingersticks needed for calibration or diabetes treatment decisions*
  • Continuous glucose readings – Automatically sends glucose readings to a Dexcom receiver or compatible smart devic every five minutes
  • Mobile app and sharing – Compatibility with smart device apps allows for sharing glucose information with up to 10 people for added support
  • Customizable alarms and alerts – Personalized alert schedule immediately warns the wearer of pending dangerous high and low blood sugars
  • Easy sensor applicator – One-touch, simple insertion
  • Discreet and low profile – Transmitter with a 28% lower profile than previous generation Dexcom CGMs makes the device comfortable and easy to wear under clothing
  • Acetaminophen blocking – Allows for more accurate glucose readings with no medication interference
  • Predictive low alert – Predicts hypoglycemia before it hits to help avoid dangerous low blood sugar events§
  • Extended 10-day sensor – Allows for 43% longer wear than previous generation Dexcom CGMs

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