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By now, you have already noticed that our site is going through a redesign. All the feedback about the new look has been very positive. We encountered some glitches that we are still working out. The site was built ten years ago. It was a custom site, which on the back end is a dinosaur in digital years. Transferring data with the newest technology does not always make it a compatible smooth transition. We have over 110,000 pages that are being converted. I made the decision to make the new site live and continue to work out some of the glitches. Feel free to contact us if you notice a functionality that is still not working. Best email address to reach us is [email protected].

Our new format will be different. Every day we will have something new that will be more engaging. If you would like to continue to read all the articles we write up, please sign up for our e-newsletter. This will allow you to continue to read the personable articles Meagan, Katherine and Patrick write. It will also keep you abreast of the latest and greatest in diabetes therapies and products. The crossword puzzles and solutions will be posted on Sunday and Monday. The format will be changed up to keep it interesting.

New Additions

One of the newest items on our site will be our store. If you like our comics you can now customize your order by placing them on T-shirts, clothing, kids and baby wear, accessories, stationery, calendars, cards, posters drinkware, bedding, wall art, cases, covers and custom hobby items. All of these items will be available in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

I am also publishing new digital books for individuals that have approached me and asked to be a published author. All books will be available on Amazon under the Diabetes Health brand. If you have a story idea, you would like us to publish, reach out to [email protected]. I will personally get back to you to discuss the possibilities.

Thank you for your patience and as always, I wish you the best in your daily health care effort.








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