Diabetes: Sugar-Coated Crisis: Who Gets It, Who Profits, and How to Stop It.

This excellent book by David Spero, RN, is about the social roots oftype 2 diabetes and how powerlessness and lack of hope lead to andperpetuate it.

Mr. Spero delves into how the powerful profit from the illness ofthe powerless and how a social approach is the only solution to adisease partially based in social inequality.

Mr. Spero explains the behavior that used to be called"non-compliance," strips away the shame associated with it, andoffers social solutions that dovetail with the latest empowermentmethods of promoting self-care.

If you are a type 2 and you're mystified by your own behavior, oryou know one and the same holds true, read this book. It's missingthe determinedly cheery admonitions of a standard diabetes manual,but it'll help tremendously.

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