Diabetes Software Has New Tools to Help Analyze Blood Sugars

Balance PC Diabetes Software, a new product from MediLife Inc., has received a “Favorably Reviewed” seal from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). The software is “a complete health management” system for insulin and oral medication users.

“This is the first product we have approved that enables patients to better electronically monitor their progress with their diabetes educator,” says James Balija, executive director of the AADE, in a MediLife press release.

Data can be downloaded from blood glucose (BG) meters such as the AccuCheck series, One Touch and Precision QID monitors into the software. Users can also download data from other management tools like blood glucose graphs. However, these features are nothing new for a diabetes management software system.

Where Balance departs from the rest of the diabetes software products on the market is with its 14,000-item customizable food database. Users can enter their own recipes, and the software automatically calculates nutritional value per serving.

First the user enters his or her height, weight, fitness level and other diabetes-specific dates such as recent HbA1c levels into the software’s Smart Health Calendar. The Managers, separate windows for specific information, organize the data and provide reports and graphs. There are Managers for blood sugar control, diet, weight, exercise, medications and symptoms.

The Daily Analyzer Report then lists a summary of factors affecting the user’s blood glucose levels and analyzes related events to understand how they impact BG levels.

The Personal Medical Record, a diary for health status and medical history, provides quarterly diabetes reports that users can share with their doctors. “By accurately recording the key variables that most affect day-to-day health, diabetes educators can better advise patients and reduce complications,” says Balija.

The software, available on CD or diskettes, works with Windows platforms.

Balance PC Diabetes Software sells for $59.95, and is available directly from MediLife. To order, call 1-888-656-5656, ext. 176 (in the United States and Canada) or 1-508-894-2756, ext. 176 (worldwide). You can get more information on MediLife’s web site (www.medilife.com).

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