Diabetes Leads to Kidney Disease? That’s News to Many Type 2s

It apparently comes as a surprise to many people with type 2 that diabetes can cause kidney disease. In fact, many diabetic patients don’t realize that that their condition can cause kidney problems until after they’ve already developed kidney disease.

In  a survey of 48 patients with type 2 who had developed kidney disease, most said that their doctor had never mentioned kidney damage as a possible complication of diabetes.  The survey, conducted by University of Bedfordshire researchers and published in the Journal of Renal Care, found that the patients were much more aware of how diabetes could affect their feet and eyes.

Some of the patients saw their kidney referral as a “wake-up call” that they needed to manage their diabetes more seriously. Unfortunately, that’s one wake-up call that should have been made far earlier. By managing their diabetes earlier in the game, they could have significantly reduced their risk of developing kidney disease in the first place.




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