Diabetes in the Palm of Your Hand

A new video entitled “The Basics of Diabetes” has been released by Pat Gallagher, medical correspondent and producer of the TV show “Living with Diabetes.” The video is the first in a series of diabetes education tapes that will be compiled from the previously aired footage.

“The Basics of Diabetes,” which is just over an hour long, explains: type I and type 2 diabetes, losing weight, blood sugar monitoring, cholesterol, foot care, reducing risks of kidney disease and neuropathy, exercise, high blood pressure, eye disease, and the proper disposal of syringes.

“No diabetic should suffer or die from crippling complications; this video is a tool for all diabetics to use in achieving that goal,” said Gallagher. “My mom, who passed away at age 53 from diabetes complications, would probably be here today if she had received proper diabetes education.”

A recent study by the American Diabetes Association showed that 70 % of people with diabetes have never attended diabetes education classes.

The video is available for $15.95 (including shipping) by calling (800) 433-2469. A donation for every tape sold is made to the American Diabetes Association.

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