Diabetes Health’s Survey-Have You Heard?

Your response to DIABETES HEALTH’s subscription information raffle cards was overwhelming. Congratulations once again to the 20 winners of five-year subscriptions announced last month.

The responses we received were very interesting, and I thought you might like to hear about some of your peers in the diabetes community.

The average DIABETES HEALTH reader has had diabetes for 17 years. And 94 percent of you have medical insurance. Of those with insurance, 49 percent are covered under HMO plans and 51 percent are covered by fee for service plans.

We are happy to report that nearly all respondents say they self- monitor their BG levels an average of four times a day- the foundation of every good control program.

Also, we were glad to see that 80 percent of you exercise an average of five times a week to control your diabetes. Remember, exercise has proven to be extremely beneficial for diabetes management, and even those of us who are exercising could probably improve our regimen and step it up a notch or two.

Approximately 80 percent of you responded that you use insulin to manage your diabetes. Most, almost 60 percent, of the insulin users use a syringe to deliver insulin. Approximately 20 percent of you use the pump, and a few use the pen and jet injectors. For those of you considering an injection aid purchase, see our front page article reviewing some of the best selling aids on the market, and take advantage of the comments provided by other readers.

The vast majority of our readers receive diabetes supplies from retail pharmacies or through mail order, and 50 percent of our respondents reported purchasing a product or service because of an advertisement in DIABETES HEALTH.

With regard to the paper itself, you expressed the most interest in the Research Report and Feature News story sections. The Q&A was the third most popular section and the Letters to the Editor section was the fourth. Both of these sections rely on contributions from our readers and our advisory board. We would like to thank those of you who have written to us in the past and encourage all of you to contribute in the future. These two sections give you the opportunity to keep in touch with the thoughts and experiences of others who share your concerns and get advice from leading doctors and educators from around the world. Finally, the My Own Injection column rounded out the top five most popular sections.

The topic that you, and probably every other person with diabetes, are most interested in is finding a cure. Current research findings came in a very close second followed by information on non-invasive technology. The fourth most interesting topic for our readers was information on diet and food selection, and neuropathy was named the fifth most interesting topic covered by the paper.

You can be sure you will see a continued focus on the sections mentioned above and more articles on all of the most popular topics in the future. You also have our promise to put an even greater amount of valuable and relevant information at your fingertips. This is our commitment at DIABETES HEALTH, because the more people with diabetes know about their condition the more they can do to control it. We believe that diabetes education is the most important step towards better health.

Thanks once again to everyone who took the time to respond. Your comments help us in our efforts to provide you with the best resource we can for managing your diabetes.

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